Lets start blogging!

Hello there..
Welcome to our blog. My name is Saritha and I will be your host here on our blog for the next few years.

I hate writing.. however I have a very poor memory and I have a busy schedule. I am a working mom with a 14 months old daughter. I am very passionate about activities to do with my daughter that are simple and crafty, more importantly something she can learn from. There are hundreds and thousands of blogs and pins and Instagram posts on this topic and I am not at all finding it hard to find activities to do with her.

But.. I have a problem! Did I mention that I am a working mom? The amount of time that I get to spend with my daughter during a work day is very little. In that time, if I am spending even 5 mins on the computer or my episode interactive play to get gems cellphone trying to find a good activity to do with her, its a loss of precious time. So I started gathering links to various blogs with great activities to do with her and bookmark them. I am subscribed to tonnes of email lists. Well, now I have the problem of digging through the activity list that I have bookmarked, and pick the thing to do. Also I have to make sure that I have all the supplies.

So I have decided to blog! Whenever I find a great activity to do with my daughter, I will list it here and that way, its easy to go find something to do when I have time to spend with my daughter!

Stay tuned! My first list is coming soon!

Until then.. be happy. Do the best you can and have a great week!