December Sensory Bin for 2+ year old

Today we have a guest post by Rhiannon Moore. She is a full time nanny from Iowa who has an amazing Instagram account. When I saw pictures of the activities she posts on her Instagram, I thought I’ll ask her to write the very first article for this blog and I am thrilled that she agreed! Here is her take on a sensory bin idea for 2+ year old kids in the cold months of December. Enjoy


It is getting cold outside and the holidays are just around the corner. Everywhere people are putting up trees and hanging up lights. This is one of my favorite times of the year for preschool and toddler activities because there is so much you can work with.

December Sensory Bin

















Putting together your December sensory bin

December sensory bin-Items Used

The first thing you are going to need is a bin! It does not matter what size, as long as you can fit your hands in it. I used a larger bin because I wanted all three children to be able to play together. Before starting the activity I cut up some fake garland. This can be a little pokey so do not let your toddler play with these all by themselves! Always supervise sensory play. I put the garland, some old Christmas bows and jingle bells in separate bowls.

I put our clear plastic bin on the kitchen floor so Miss 2-year-old could help dump in our items. Just like any toddler she is interested in helping and being more independent by doing things herself, so this activity was great because she got to put everything in the bin. She dumped the big bowl of cotton balls in first, 240 to be exact. We tossed a few in the air to pretend that it was snow! It was so much fun.  Next came the bows and garland. The cotton is very soft and the garland is very prickly and tickles your hands! The bells make a fun jingle sound when we put our hands in the bin.

December sensory bins-cotton balls

To pull it all together I added some stacking cups from the playroom and a couple of clips that use to be holding closed potato chip bags. This activity has the best of everything. It costs little to no money, and you can get rid of some of the extra supplies you have around the house. It embraces the fun of Winter arriving, presents and snow! Fills time with your toddler while stimulating your child’s senses. It encourages your little one to be curious and explore the things around them. The children used the clips to pick up bows, bells and garland. Miss 2-year-old started to separate the different items into the stacking cups! Or should I say sorting cups? So easy and so fun!




December Sensory Bin

December Sensory Bin-Jingle Bells