Cover with blue elephant and a place to put your name

Lady bug with zipper and a baby bug inside

Snail in grass with hidden bugs and three beads inside to move

Apple with holes and a string to lace through


Snowman with removable head, body and a boon on the side-all on velcro

Lady Bug zipper activity

Lady Bug zipper activity

Snail activity

Snail activity

Blue Elephant Quiet Time Fun Book

This beautiful handmade book with 4 different activities to keep your child engaged and entertained.

This book has fun textures, to trickle little fingers and allow them to discover different textures. There are hidden wooden bugs in the grass with snail activity that make it fun and interesting to grab and pull. The zipper on the lady bug is easy to pull and open. Peek-a-boo baby lady bug is always a favorite. The baby lady bug has a squeaky inside for added practice of pinching. Lace through the holes of the apple to practice manual dexterity. Velcro snowman lets your little one pinch and pull on the velcro and put it back to practice hold and pull.

The interactive activities that include velcro, zipper, lacing etc. allows your child to stay focused and practice concentration. The bright colors of the fabric and the activities grabs their attention and stimulates vision.


Size: 8×8 inches
Weight: 10oz

Limited quantities available

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