Cover with a snowman and a place to put your child’s name

Christmas tree with ornaments that can be pulled and a lace wrap around.
Gingerbread house with a snap button door, gingerbread cookie lives inside who is also a ginger puppet

Santa is a puzzle with velcro pieces
Mittens can open up to show  a place to put your name or hide any little trinkets.

Gingerbread house

Ginger bread cookie that is a finger puppet

Santa Velcro Puzzle

Santa Velcro Puzzle

Oven Mittens

Oven Mittens with a place to safely store your treasure.

Happy Holidays Quiet Time Fun Book

This beautiful handmade book with 4 pages with activities to keep your child engaged and entertained.


This book has fun textures, to trickle little fingers and allow them to discover different textures.

  • Christmas tree has buttons that can be pulled and a ribbon that can be laced around the tree
  • The gingerbread house has a door that is on snap button. When you open, you will find a gingerbread man inside who is also a finger puppet
  • Santa is a puzzle on velcro with 4 pieces. All the pieces are attached so that you don’t lose them
  • Oven mittens open to show you the oven inside, which has an opening at the top to put your picture

All removable pieces in the book are on strings so that they are intact with the book and don’t get lost in the pile of toys!


Size: 8×8 inches
Weight: 10oz


Limited quantities available

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