Snowflakes Connect

Fine motor skills are the ones that involve the small muscles in a child’s hands. Snowlfakes Connect is a simple toy that promotes fine motor skills development. Developing fine motor skills is necessary for functioning as a child grows older, it allows them to learn to write and control movements in their little fingers. Features of Snowflakes Connect:

  • Simple ridged pieces that are easy to click in and build
  • Comes in a jar and has plenty of pieces for 1-2 kids to play at a time
  • No set rules, make anything out of imagination
  • Simple ridged pieces that are easy to click in and build
  • Bright and attractive basic colors

What Our Customers are Saying

My kids have had these for over a month now and they’re still enjoying them. I’m going to add a photo of what my son made today, it’s a house made with Snowflakes Connect! I’m glad to see them still liking them – whereas with some toys the novelty fades and they end up in the bottom of the toy box.

Timothy C

Having these snowflake connect toys has given them the chance to create really neat 3D creations that aren’t flat looking like Legos, megabloks, or trio blox even  though they can make cool creations with them these snowflakes connects make their creations more lively and real.

Jessica CI

I like that they are flat so if they end up on the floor you don’t want to shreek in pain if you step on one. And they don’t take up near as much space when being stored. The container they came in was actually larger than it needed to be so it could actually hold even more pieces.

Stacy Tilton

The instant he saw these he went wild! The bright colors, the many many pieces! Exciting! Since receiving his snowflakes, he has had hours and hours of fun! He started off slow, putting simple things together, little flowers, shapes, but recently has accomplished more complex pieces!

Nifty Thrifty