Quiet Time Fun-Yellow Owl Book

Quiet Time Fun is a sensory toy for helping your child develop fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. It makes a great educational toy for early learning with hands-on experience for your toddler with day to day subjects such as velcro, buttons, lacing, snap buttons etc. This HANDMADE book is of high quality materials, and the activities are mess free and battery free. This QUIET BOOK is great for home, classroom, or clinic to provide children to stay occupied and have fun with constructive activities and is sure to entertain your baby or toddler on short or long car ride or plane trips This beautiful handmade busy book comes with a fun cover with place to put child’s name. It includes 6 activities-

  • Sun with buttons to pull and lots of ribbons to feel the sensation
  • Clouds with VIBGYOR colored beads to learn counting and colors
  • Pallet and paint brush with colored buttons for color matching and practicing buttoning
  • Shoe lace to practice lacing and to learn how to tie the bow
  • Birds on a tree with snap buttons to match colors and practice snapping buttons in and out
  • Shapes sorting with velcro to learn the shapes and match colors

This is ideal for age 18 months to 4 years. This practical toy will make great gift for home or classroom for birthday or holidays Perfect for car rides and on the airplane Easy to clean with wet wipes or with warm water and soap